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Can Hosting Parties Save the World?

-from HBO's series Sex and the City

-from HBO’s series Sex and the City

Not all parties are perfect and not all parties are planned. They are kinda like relationships. There are those that expose you to new ideas and exotic foods, inspiring you to try something new. And those that introduce you to new people who teach you to look at the world differently.

Some are spur of the moment, ‘pray you have something in the fridge to serve’ soirees that end up being fabulous.

Some are full of people that you’ve loved all of your life, that are old and familiar, and remind you of home, growing up, and all those wonderful feelings that come with nostalgia.

No matter what kind of party it is, great things can come from them.

SATC Party Mantra

We need to make time for them. We need to put down our phones and iPads, turn off our televisions, AND TALK. We need to stop pinning pictures of parties and actually have them.  We need to save the sense of real community. We need to share.

It makes us smarter, it makes us more forgiving, and it makes us kinder.

So, on this “new year’s eve eve,” consider planning a party. You never know what good will come of it.


Perspective in Design and Life

In design, perspective can create depth. The same is true about life. The depth of a matter cannot be fully appreciated and measured until you see things from different points of view. Continue reading

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulet

Let the good times roll!

I can think of no better phrase to describe a “Girlfriends’ Dinner Party.”  Honestly, that’s the phrase that should describe EVERY dinner party we host.  Rather it be a fancy cocktail party or a more casual barbecue, YOU and your guests should have a great time. Continue reading

The Southern Tradition of Toting Around Our Home

Author Julia Reed in her library with her treasured tortoise shell. ~from Garden & Gun

Author Julia Reed in her library with her treasured tortoise shell. ~from Garden & Gun

We may live at many different addresses in our lifetime. Through the years, a number of different keys will be on our ring to a number of different front doors.

There will be thresholds that mark great “crossings” in our lives: one we cross for the first time in our first home, doors that may seem to revolve as children traipse in and out, and doors we close for the last time because life has given us another key to a different door on another street. Continue reading