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Details are the Ultimate Luxury at the Gilded Hotel

The Gilded Hotel in Newport brings the Age of Opulence
to the 21st Century

-courtesy of Gilded Hotel

-courtesy of Gilded Hotel

Newport, Rhode Island-In a world where we have access to almost all of the same sources and stores, creating something different is the definitive in luxury. I love what designer Alexa Hampton says, “When details are done right, they don’t stand out, but they draw you in.” Continue reading

Pommade Divine

“’You won’t believe, dear Louise, what a good thing this Pommade Divine is. I am sending you a box, so that you can carry it with you at all times. Another thing this pommade is good for: if you have burned yourself badly with sealing wax and treat it immediately with the pommade, it reduces the pain. I don’t know how one could not like the smell of Pommade Divine…”’ ~Princess Elizabeth Charlotte, 1720, from the Court of King Louis XIV, France
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Traveling & Eating


Summer SaladA wonderful part about traveling is planning to eat at great restaurants at your destinations. We usually walk away with a great experience AND ideas.

After eating at New York City’s The Polo Bar, Matt walked away saying it was one of the best steaks he ever had, and I walked away wanting to redecorate our home in hunter green and equestrian art… maybe my mom has an old bridle I could hang on the wall?  But, that’s for another post!

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