me and mamaAs a tenth generation Southerner, I have a certain penchant for place and history layered with touches of drama. I like to mix things of a varied pedigree and provenance, united with a considerate eye, because I feel like that reflects me & the South… and America.  We are a beautiful mix of hard times and high times, a blend of Old World elegance and contemporary ideas.

With a degree in Literature, my formal training in design does not exceed that of the beautifully appointed rooms and lavish parties described to me by Waugh, Wharton, Fitzgerald, Nancy Mitford, and du Maurier.

My “experience” includes countless hours spent going to “decorator showcase houses” with my mama beginning as a small child, studying and annotating a lot of books by/about Bunny Williams, Sister Parish, Albert Hadley, Danielle Rollins and Mary McDonald, reading countless fashion and design blogs, and trying and failing at a lot of projects.

But, the best training I think anyone could ever get is to grow up with a mother like Mary Evans Browning. She comes from a big family of beloved hosts whose first aim was to make other people feel comfortable in their home, and to serve them.  She could make a table beautiful, cook delicious food to adorn the plates, and fill everyone visiting with a feeling of home. That’s what the best hosts do: they make you feel special, and they make you feel at home.

So, all I write and post is in honor of my mama; the consummate host and servant.




Mollie Browning Peterson

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