As one ends, another begins

Looking Back at a Summer in Italy

Guest Travel Blogger Brittany Riker on the shores of Western Italy

Guest Travel Blogger Brittany Riker on the shores of Western Italy

Summer’s story is over and chapter 9 of 12 is beginning.

Despite my love for summer, the spirit of fall is always alluring. While the summer months are literally hot, there is an internal warmth that can come with fall. However, starting a new chapter is never valuable without carrying a bit of the others with you…looking back on the past we look forward to the future.

No matter how cold it gets or how bare the trees, let there be a piece of eternal summer in your heart.

Guest travel blogger Brittany Riker spent close to a month in Western Italy, specifically Cinque Terre. No doubt her experiences and pictures will keep a piece of sunshine tucked away for us just in case we need it.

ITaly 11 Italy 5 Italy 7

Steep terraces slope down to the sea as tiny towns hover above sparkling waters and jagged rocks. It looks like the setting of a story that happens somewhere far away and long ago. These villages, that sit like jewels on a crown, still hold the charms of the past and allow us to escape the world and walk among the wonders.

Italy 9

Aperol Spritz, a traditional drink on the Italian coast.

Italy 8

An Italian seaside market.

Italy 4

Guest travel blogger, Brittany, exploring the jagged beaches of Italy.

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