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Friday Favorite: Sweet Kale Vegetable Salad Kit

Pick up a great salad kit to make your dinner party preparations easier!

Pick up a great salad kit to make your dinner party preparations easier!

Hosting a dinner party is fun, but it’s also a lot of work for the hostess.  Remember, it’s your soiree, and you should HAVE FUN, too; so when possible, take a few shortcuts. This time-saver is easy, quick, and allows you to spend your energies creating a signature drink or whipping up homemade whipped cream.  Continue reading

Friday Favorites: Make Your Dorm Room a Home

Making your dorm room a home.

Making your dorm room a home.

Some of my favorite students ever are graduating next week and beginning college life. For most of them, this new chapter will involve a dorm or apartment (and most importantly, it will involve decorating it! :)). It got me thinking about my freshman dorm. For two months, I lived with a vampire; and this was in 2001 before vampires looked like Rob Pattinson.

She decorated her side of the room with fake cobwebs from which plastic spiders dangled, and a 6ft tall styrofoam cutout of Dracula. A small, black coffin adorned her dresser holding her removable fangs. I could write a whole paragraph about her “beauty” routine which involved dyeing her hair a new color (like green or purple) every other day. One night she even ripped down the “Bid Day” Sorority decorations from our door and proceeded to call me “the blonde bimbo” to her friend. I pretended to be asleep. Needless to say, our dorm room was a study in contrasts. Continue reading

Advice from 1913

Elsie de Wolfe- the first lady of interior design

Elsie de Wolfe- the first lady of interior design

The first lady of interior design proclaimed, “This is what I am always fighting in people’s houses: the unsuitability of things. They see something “pretty” and buy it…Then when they have treated each of their rooms in a different color [and in a different style], they wonder why they always fret going from one room to another.”

Despite having said this in 1913, it is still true today. It is timeless advice. Continue reading

It’s More than a Wreath

Wreaths are an outward sign of an eternal belief

Wreaths are an outward sign of an eternal belief. Visit: HOST and SERVE’s Shop to buy this wreath.

As a little girl in church, I remember struggling with the concept of “eternity.”  I didn’t understand time not having an end. We lived our lives marking beginnings and endings. How could there be “no end” to something? It wasn’t until my mama explained the significance of wedding bands, that “eternity” seemed a little easier to understand.  Circles, rings, wreaths…   they have no beginning and no end.   Continue reading

[our home] The Front Door

Makeover your front door. It's the first thing that greets your guests.

Makeover your front door. It’s the first thing that greets your guests.

Emerson said, “Be an opener of doors.” The most important door a host opens is his or her own. One of the first things I wanted to change in our new home was our door. It’s the first thing a guest sees and I wanted its exterior to represent our interior; classic, a touch of whimsy and glamour, and a sense of history.  Continue reading

[free printable] You’re My Heart

Free Valentine's Day Printable

Free Valentine’s Day Printable

Here are two free printables I made you can download, print, and give to someone you love.  One is inspired by e.e. cummings, and one by my students who always keep me up to date on what’s “cool.” These two  designs, “You’re my Heart” and “Love my Bae”,  go out to Matt, my heart, and Kishan, for explaining what “bae” is to me. [printable is a 4×5 folding card]


Download the PDFs below, print, cut, fold, and send.

Love My Bae

You’re My Heart


Free Printable "Love My Bae"

Free Printable “Love My Bae”