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Pommade Divine

“’You won’t believe, dear Louise, what a good thing this Pommade Divine is. I am sending you a box, so that you can carry it with you at all times. Another thing this pommade is good for: if you have burned yourself badly with sealing wax and treat it immediately with the pommade, it reduces the pain. I don’t know how one could not like the smell of Pommade Divine…”’ ~Princess Elizabeth Charlotte, 1720, from the Court of King Louis XIV, France
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Turning a Corner in Charleston

Battery Park in Charleston, South Carolina.

Battery Park in Charleston, South Carolina.

In a few steps, you can turn down a corner and escape.

That’s my favorite part of Charleston.

Scores of moving lines have been written about her beauty, seduction, and endurance; all of them true. She is a Holy City that entrances you with her streets of cobblestone and her walls of ivy. But, the best quality is her balance between busy and quiet.

Sometimes in life we need to just take a few steps, and turn a corner.

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Friday Favorite: Black and White

Miles Redd's room always have a touch of allure. He often uses art by Franz Kline.

Miles Redd’s room always have a touch of allure. He often uses art by Franz Kline.

I love the color black, and not just because it’s slimming.

I’ve known for a long time that my preferred styles are odes to the past with a few glamorous, contemporary bursts. In studying my favorite rooms and designers, I kept noticing that most of the spaces balanced the traditional pieces with a punch of modern art; specifically black and white abstract expressionism. Continue reading

The Southern Tradition of Toting Around Our Home

Author Julia Reed in her library with her treasured tortoise shell. ~from Garden & Gun

Author Julia Reed in her library with her treasured tortoise shell. ~from Garden & Gun

We may live at many different addresses in our lifetime. Through the years, a number of different keys will be on our ring to a number of different front doors.

There will be thresholds that mark great “crossings” in our lives: one we cross for the first time in our first home, doors that may seem to revolve as children traipse in and out, and doors we close for the last time because life has given us another key to a different door on another street. Continue reading

Friday Favorite: a well lit place

Beautifully curated and well lit room.

A beautifully curated and well lit room. ~from Heirloom & Knot

I just finished reading Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. Besides being quite funny, the book is surprisingly introspective. She reflects on her choices in life, the good ones and the bad ones, and questions a lot of the choices our society is currently making.

I especially loved her chapter called “The Robots Will Kill Us All,” which points out the way technology, specifically our phones, is completely changing us.

It made me think.

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Friday Favorite: 2014 Art & Antiques Show


December 5th through the 7th in Jacksonville, Florida

Late last November I got an email from a friend that said she had extra tickets to the  Art & Antiques Show lectures. “Would you want to go? Miles Redd will be there on Friday, and Bunny Williams, James Farmer, and Danielle Rollins will be speaking on Saturday.”

What? YES!  Bunny Williams is going to be in Jacksonville? Miles Redd is coming? What is this wonderful event and why hadn’t I heard about it?

I was so excited and responded with a big “YES AND THANK YOU” before I even looked at the dates and times of the event. In that moment, nothing else mattered because I was going to hear Bunny Williams discuss her life and decorating style, and give advice.

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