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A Big Top Birthday Party Extravaganza

Circus Themed Birthday Party

“‘Look at this,’ she says, holding up a porcelain figure of a girl in a tutu, standing atop a horse. The card reads:  Darling girl, if all else fails, join the circus!” -Judy Blume, Summer Sisters

My dear friend Lindsay just threw the most fabulous BIG TOP party for her beautiful little girl’s 2nd birthday.

As a lot of great parties probably should…this one started with a dress! Continue reading

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulet

Let the good times roll!

I can think of no better phrase to describe a “Girlfriends’ Dinner Party.”  Honestly, that’s the phrase that should describe EVERY dinner party we host.  Rather it be a fancy cocktail party or a more casual barbecue, YOU and your guests should have a great time. Continue reading

Throwing a Party

Keep some elements consistent, but vary your heights.

Keep some elements consistent, but vary your heights.

I had the privilege of styling a party for someone that is not related to me! It was quite an honor to be asked by a family that I not only love, but that I hold in high esteem.  Ms. Holly and my girlfriend Heidi are a mother-daughter team that are not only smart, but beautiful.  I wanted to make sure their event, Ethan and Lindsay’s Rehearsal Dinner, was exactly what they envisioned.  Continue reading