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Tablescapes are Not Only for the Dining Room

Mary McDonald Tablescape in Tangerine

I LOVE getting questions from my girlfriends about their houses.

It sends me on a little research project to make sure I give them the perfect, researched advice. It’s nerdy, exhilarating, and fabulous. For me, it’s second only to presents.

And I love presents. Continue reading

A Mix of Chic, Tradition, and a Baby

Elegant Pink and Gold Nursery

“I never wanted a nursery to look too babyish… A baby doesn’t know that it’s in a room just for them. I wanted it to be interesting.” -Coco Rocha, supermodel, Vogue

It was so reassuring to read those words in print because ALL the nurseries I have designed in my head have been “baby theme” free.  That baby will not know that Ariel is swimming “under the sea” on the wall next to the crib, nor will they understand that the mobile of Micro Machines is supposed to soothe them to sleep.

But, do you know who would have to look at “The Little Mermaid” everyday? Or will have to watch small cars float around in mid-air?

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A Baby Shower of Pink, Toile, & Love


Close up of cookies

Mina and I met in middle school.  I knew we’d be best friends when, in 8th grade,  we both agreed that the best way to present our archeology assignment to the class was to rap it.

Not that I hear the term “Carbon-14 Dating” often, but when I do… I smile.   Continue reading

Perspective in Design and Life

In design, perspective can create depth. The same is true about life. The depth of a matter cannot be fully appreciated and measured until you see things from different points of view. Continue reading

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulet

Let the good times roll!

I can think of no better phrase to describe a “Girlfriends’ Dinner Party.”  Honestly, that’s the phrase that should describe EVERY dinner party we host.  Rather it be a fancy cocktail party or a more casual barbecue, YOU and your guests should have a great time. Continue reading

H&S in the Hamptons

House Beautiful

Guest blogger, Amanda Swearingen, covers the East Hampton Antique Show for HOST and SERVE. Amanda has a degree in Interior Design and is currently creating custom dresses for little girls in her spare time, with plans to expand her brand in 2015. 

After seeing a write up about it in House Beautiful I started off my morning at the 8th annual East Hamptons Antiques Show benefitting the East Hampton Historical Society. The show’s location was worth the visit alone. Continue reading

To Those Who Carried My Stretcher

I think Matt still wants me to wear this bracelet even though I am home.

I think Matt still wants me to wear this bracelet even though I am home.


“He is here, listen closely, hear Him calling out your name. He is here, you can touch Him. You will never be the same.” -Bill Gaither


Last Friday afternoon, my mom and I got to sit outside on my patio. After being in the hospital for a week, getting to sit in my backyard on a cool April afternoon was closer to heaven than I ever imagined it would be. We were flipping through home décor magazines, sharing little tidbits, when my mom said, “You know, God is ALWAYS all around us. But sometimes we get so busy by other things that we do not see and feel Him. It’s not He that’s moved away, it is we.”

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