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A Mix of Chic, Tradition, and a Baby

Elegant Pink and Gold Nursery

“I never wanted a nursery to look too babyish… A baby doesn’t know that it’s in a room just for them. I wanted it to be interesting.” -Coco Rocha, supermodel, Vogue

It was so reassuring to read those words in print because ALL the nurseries I have designed in my head have been “baby theme” free.  That baby will not know that Ariel is swimming “under the sea” on the wall next to the crib, nor will they understand that the mobile of Micro Machines is supposed to soothe them to sleep.

But, do you know who would have to look at “The Little Mermaid” everyday? Or will have to watch small cars float around in mid-air?

The mom.  Continue reading

An Attractive Couple & Goblet Pleats


Master Bedroom

There is nothing quite so beautiful as a glamorous couple.

Seeing the cut of a well-made suit, or the look of a blue and white stripe of a man’s shirt  next to an alluring woman dressed in femininity and confidence is an attractive scene. There’s a chemistry created between the two contrasting powers. It can be electric and seducing. Continue reading

Throwing a Party

Keep some elements consistent, but vary your heights.

Keep some elements consistent, but vary your heights.

I had the privilege of styling a party for someone that is not related to me! It was quite an honor to be asked by a family that I not only love, but that I hold in high esteem.  Ms. Holly and my girlfriend Heidi are a mother-daughter team that are not only smart, but beautiful.  I wanted to make sure their event, Ethan and Lindsay’s Rehearsal Dinner, was exactly what they envisioned.  Continue reading