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A Father’s Day Gift Idea with a Cocktail for You. Cheers!

"The Southern" Bourbon Bubbly Cocktail ~ soak your peaches overnight in bourbon and cover with chilled champagne.

“The Southern” Bourbon Bubbly Cocktail ~ soak your peaches overnight in bourbon and cover with chilled champagne.


Father’s Day is Sunday~ you have just enough time to make him Bacon-Infused Bourbon. I’ve written before about one of Matt’s favorite drinks, “The Bacon Old Fashioned,” and I thought Father’s Day would be a great time to make another batch of bacon-infused bourbon for Matt’s dad (surprise, David!).   Continue reading

[cocktail] The French 75

The French 75s
Two facts about the French 75: the “origin story” of the cocktail has gotten a bit muddled over time, and its namesake is an artillery  gun from WWI. I can’t think of two BETTER facts to endorse a cocktail; it’s so great that no one can really remember where it came from, and it’s so powerful that the French 75mm Field Gun moniker withstands the test of time.

It sounded like a great drink to serve this past weekend when my in-laws came to visit! 🙂  Continue reading

Serve a [DIY] Valentine’s Reminder

“From your Valentine”


     By the Middle Ages, Valentine was one of the most popular saints in all of France and England. Although his origins are rooted in romanticized myth, my favorite twist of the tale casts him as a brave hero who helps Christians escape Roman prisons prior to being imprisoned himself.  Falling in love with the jailer’s daughter while behind bars reminds him that love is larger than the bars that shut it in. Before his execution, he writes a love letter to the jailer’s daughter, signing it, “From your Valentine.” Continue reading

Easy Appetizer: Chicken & Waffles

chicken and wafflesEasy Chicken and Waffles Appetizer

You can make anything in life into  an “occasion.” We did on Sunday night; Matt and I had my mom over for dinner to “celebrate” her foray back into the working world after retiring in June.  Having something to offer your guests as they arrive is a welcoming touch and since the weekend had been gray, rainy, and cold (and the thought of going back to work is not much different), chicken and waffles seemed like the perfect comfort food. This could be a great appetizer to serve on Super Bowl Sunday, too.  Continue reading