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The Greenbrier’s Julep

Mint Julep at the Greenbrier

Long before Churchill Downs put a julep in the hands of race-watchers and hat-wearers, those  summering at The Greenbrier were sipping on these wonderfully refreshing libations.

Within hours of our arrival today, Matt and I found ourselves sitting in the lobby, under the Gone With the Wind chandelier, toasting to summer and lives well lived.

So, here’s to summer, here’s to history, and here’s to experiences.

Like my mama always said, “Go out there and make ‘rocking chair memories.'” Continue reading

There is a Place Called Luckenbach

Luckenbach, TexasUnder the canopies of 500 year-old oaks, there is a place where everybody is somebody.

Under the skies of the Lone Star State, there is a place imagined by a dreamer and captured forever in the lines of song.

Under the lights of a dancehall and a full moon, there is a place of legend, a Texas backwoods Camelot.

There is a place called Luckenbach. Continue reading

As one ends, another begins

Looking Back at a Summer in Italy

Guest Travel Blogger Brittany Riker on the shores of Western Italy

Guest Travel Blogger Brittany Riker on the shores of Western Italy

Summer’s story is over and chapter 9 of 12 is beginning.

Despite my love for summer, the spirit of fall is always alluring. While the summer months are literally hot, there is an internal warmth that can come with fall. However, starting a new chapter is never valuable without carrying a bit of the others with you…looking back on the past we look forward to the future. Continue reading

75lb Chairs and Kids Drinking Wine in a Marble House

marble-house party

(Newport, RI) Arranged marriages to Dukes, high society divorces, scandalous underage drinking, and lavish parties are all part of Marble House’s history.  And who owned this 50 room mansion? A Southern born woman named Alva… Continue reading

Details are the Ultimate Luxury at the Gilded Hotel

The Gilded Hotel in Newport brings the Age of Opulence
to the 21st Century

-courtesy of Gilded Hotel

-courtesy of Gilded Hotel

Newport, Rhode Island-In a world where we have access to almost all of the same sources and stores, creating something different is the definitive in luxury. I love what designer Alexa Hampton says, “When details are done right, they don’t stand out, but they draw you in.” Continue reading

Traveling & Eating


Summer SaladA wonderful part about traveling is planning to eat at great restaurants at your destinations. We usually walk away with a great experience AND ideas.

After eating at New York City’s The Polo Bar, Matt walked away saying it was one of the best steaks he ever had, and I walked away wanting to redecorate our home in hunter green and equestrian art… maybe my mom has an old bridle I could hang on the wall?  But, that’s for another post!

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Gilded & Grace

“It seems cruel,” she said, “that after awhile, nothing matters…”

     “Yes, but meanwhile…”

“Ah-meanwhile-” -Edith Wharton Continue reading