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Friday Favorite: tartan and pheasant feathers


There’s an art to holiday decorating.

In no way have I mastered it, but those that have know that the trick lies in being both current and classic. It needs to have a freshness to it, but still look timeless.

Two elements that I think can be used in a new way, but still carry a sense of history, are tartan and pheasant feathers.

Here are a few of my favorite looks:

From James Farmer

From James Farmer






Friday Favorite: Nordstrom

Simple and beautiful. You can't go wrong with white flowers.

Simple and beautiful. You can’t go wrong with white flowers.

“There hasn’t been more gracious of a host than Nordstrom was at their Opening Gala.” Those were the first words out of my mother’s mouth when asked about her experience at Wednesday night’s gala in Jacksonville, FL.

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Don’t Be Afraid of Colors

The outside of a home in London's Kensington Borough. I love the complementing colors.

The outside of a home in London’s Kensington Borough. I love the complementing colors.

I love shades of white.  I am in the middle of repainting our master bedroom’s furniture that is black to a creamy white.

BUT, if everything is white, or if everything is ANY one color, it can become uninteresting.

Complementary CONTRAST makes you APPRECIATE things.  Continue reading

[free printable] You’re My Heart

Free Valentine's Day Printable

Free Valentine’s Day Printable

Here are two free printables I made you can download, print, and give to someone you love.  One is inspired by e.e. cummings, and one by my students who always keep me up to date on what’s “cool.” These two  designs, “You’re my Heart” and “Love my Bae”,  go out to Matt, my heart, and Kishan, for explaining what “bae” is to me. [printable is a 4×5 folding card]


Download the PDFs below, print, cut, fold, and send.

Love My Bae

You’re My Heart


Free Printable "Love My Bae"

Free Printable “Love My Bae”

our first home: finding inspiration for the dining room

Find something to inspire your room.

Find something to inspire your room. This lamp inspired my dining room.

A lamp inspired my dining room. Actually, it was a pair of lamps I found at a second-hand store in Jacksonville Beach. They are a beautiful pale, matte blue porcelain with  intricate gold flowers painted on them. They were delicate and strong at the same time, and in the midst of a menagerie of things they caught my eye.  Continue reading