Friday Favorite: Black and White

Miles Redd's room always have a touch of allure. He often uses art by Franz Kline.

Miles Redd’s room always have a touch of allure. He often uses art by Franz Kline.

I love the color black, and not just because it’s slimming.

I’ve known for a long time that my preferred styles are odes to the past with a few glamorous, contemporary bursts. In studying my favorite rooms and designers, I kept noticing that most of the spaces balanced the traditional pieces with a punch of modern art; specifically black and white abstract expressionism.

designed by Nate Berkus

designed by Nate Berkus

It drew my eye and I found it alluring, and isn’t that what great rooms and homes should do? There should be something magnetic about both the room and the people in it.

Abstract Expressionism is our nation’s first foray into the art spotlight, shifting the focus from Paris to New York in the years post-WWII.  Two of its stars, Gottlieb and Rothko,  said, “To us, art is an adventure into an unknown world of the imagination which is fancy-free and violently opposed to common sense.” I longed to capture and frame this adventure.

After a year of searching for the perfect piece, we finally found it at Charles Hanlon’s booth at the 2014 Art & Antiques Show in Jacksonville, Florida.  Matt said it had to be my Christmas and birthday present, and that was fine by me! Art is a gift you have forever.

Our framed piece of adventure; painted by Dorothy Saxon Wenger

Our framed piece of adventure in the living room; painted by Dorothy Saxon Wenger

Painted by Dorothy Saxon Wenger during the end of the Abstract Expressionism movement, it gives our living room that jolt of fancy it needed.  I love that it’s juxtaposed to “common sense” and each time I look at it, I am inspired; it can be so many different things.  It reminds me that I, too, can be so many different things.

Although I am turning a year older this week, I’ve learned that age is just a number and life is an adventure.

I  am, and still can be,  a great many things… and that encouraging reminder is hanging on my wall.


If you are in the Atlanta area this weekend and looking to find your own adventure in a frame, their fabulous Cathedral Antiques Show will be going on where you can find Charles Hanlon, as well as over 25 other fabulous dealers.

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