Friday Favorite: Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tillbury's new makeup line

Charlotte Tillbury’s new makeup line from Net-A-Porter


A fresh coat of paint can change a room or restore a piece of furniture. I’ve always believed the same was true for makeup and I find myself writing about it almost as much as subjects that have to do with hosting and serving!


But, the hostess shouldn’t neglect herself too much or she’ll never enjoy the party she’s thrown. Not much is worse than a wasted party.

I treated myself  this week to the Charlotte Tilbury makeup and skincare line as a present for surviving the first two weeks of school. She’s a successful makeup artist in Britain whose eponymous makeup and skin care line is debuting in the US in September. I discovered her in London this summer and was thrilled to find you could get advanced access to her products through Net-A-Porter .

She’s been a makeup artist for over 20 years and has worked with such greats as Tom Ford, Stella McCartney and Christopher Bailey and some of the most beautiful women in the world like Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz and Rihanna.  Charlotte  believes in the “transformative power of make-up on a daily basis.”

I just love the possibilities makeup provides. Just like a fresh coat of paint, makeup can cure many ills. After a trying two weeks, not much sounds better than the words “transformative power.”

Makeup provides possibilities and  I  just love possibilities. “Dreams” live in possibilities.

With a “new coat of paint” I could go from a tired middle school teacher to feeling like a socialite superstar!  To me, that’s magical… and worth every penny.

I KNOW I can throw a much better party with the aid of magical makeup! 😉

I could even conquer the world, all thanks to face cream and mascara! Sometimes, it’s the little things.








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