Friday Favorite: James Read Sleep Mask Tan

James Read's Sleep Mask Tan gives you a natural, sunkissed glow while you sleep!

James Read’s Sleep Mask Tan gives you a natural, sunkissed glow while you sleep!

Summer is fading and so is my tan… or at least it WAS fading before I got James Read’s Sleep Mask Tan. 

Since I was 15, I’ve been a purveyor of tanning products and processes. A good tan can hide a world of flaws (and cellulite!) I admit, some were dangerous, like “double-dipping” at  2 different tanning salons in one day. Some were hideous and got nicknamed “mystic mishaps.” And some became running jokes with my two best-friends; “Tan Towels” still resurrect themselves in birthday and Christmas presents.

After getting an “unusual mole” removed at my dermatologist’s’ office, and promptly fainting afterward at the check-out counter, I pledged myself to 50+ SPF and large sun hats.

All this to say, I’ve had a lot of experience with tanning products (and with the lovely, luxurious smells that accompany most of them, haha). The best I’ve come across is James Read’s Sleep Mask Tan. Not only does it give you a sun-kissed glow, it has cucumber, aloe, red algae, and hyaluronic acid  which smooth and moisturize your skin.

James Read  began in the UK and quickly became their leading self-tanning expert, with clients such as Lara Stone, Lady Gaga, and Clive Owen. His eponymous line of products is a best seller at Harvey Nichols, Net-a-Porter, and Amazon. His products were recently named by Vogue UK as one of the 10 Best Fake Tans.

Summer may be fading away, but at least when I wake up for work on Monday, my tan will remind me of July.


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