Friday Favorite: Nordstrom

Simple and beautiful. You can't go wrong with white flowers.

Simple and beautiful. You can’t go wrong with white flowers.

“There hasn’t been more gracious of a host than Nordstrom was at their Opening Gala.” Those were the first words out of my mother’s mouth when asked about her experience at Wednesday night’s gala in Jacksonville, FL.


A great host greets you with something.

Nordstrom greeted you with free valet, a door that opens 10 minutes early, and  waiters with champagne and trays laden with shrimp and stuffed tomatoes.


Free valet and smiling greeters welcome the first guests at the Nordstrom Gala.

Free valet and smiling greeters welcome the first guests at the Nordstrom Gala.



A great host makes you feel comfortable.

Nordstrom’s staff greeted you with smiles and took extra steps to ensure you could find your way around, whether you needed directing to the cosmetic counter or the restroom.

A great host entertains you visually and spiritually.

Nordstrom had food innovatively displayed and coordinated live models that moved throughout  the crowds and then would congregate in a pattern on a platform. Your eye was always engaged.

Models at Nordstrom, Jacksonville


Opening Gala at Nordstrom, Jacksonville

A good host leaves an impression with you.

Nordstrom’s Gala left you humming the live music’s tunes, remembering the beautiful designs, and holding a bouquet of flowers.

Parting bouquets for guests.

Parting bouquets for guests.

Yes, it was an opening of a department store, but it was also a lesson in hosting.

Thank you, Nordstrom.  Welcome to Jacksonville.


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