Friday Favorites: French Pharmacies

The beauty chemists of France... Pharmacies.

The beauty chemists of France… Pharmacies.

They are practically on every corner. The glow of their neon green lights lure you in. They whisper in your ears magical promises of bright skin, cellulite-free thighs, and luxurious long lashes. I can spot the beguiling burning cross clear across the lengths of the boulevards in Paris and without a doubt, I’m going in. After our third one today, Matt said, “I’m just going to wait out here.”

French pharmacies are far from what we are used to in the USA; they are a beauty product heaven, filled from top to bottom with luxurious, yet reasonably priced items that are either unavailable, require a dermatologist’s prescription, or are hard to procure at home.

The workers are WELL TRAINED and know MUCH more than the Sephora workers do in my opinion. Some of them have gone to school for 5-7 years JUST to work behind these magical counters. They are beauty alchemists dealing elixirs of youth, and I’m trying to buy them all, haha.

After personal research (my favorite source was Lisa Eldridge) and a recommendation from my well-traveled friend Caroline, here are my purchases so far

  • Lierac Prescription- intensive anti-dark spot depigmenting serum with 8.9% AHA (hormone changes at 30 have caused all sorts of pigmentation spots, especially around my mouth)
  • Bioderma Makeup Remover- feels like water and wipes ALL of your makeup away without a trace.
  • Nuxe Baume Levres Lip Balm- it’s matte, not shiny, which is amazing because you can put ANYTHING on top of it.


The Best Beauty Finds in Paris.

The Best Beauty Finds in Paris.

Tomorrow I’m on the hunt for Garancia anti-aging watercream, CoupEclat Lifting ampules which are supposed to provide an 8 hour facelift, and Avene Water Spray that you use during the application of your foundation for a seamless base. ¬†Avibon is also on my list, but it’s been sold out everywhere we’ve gone.

When I announce my plans, Matt just widens his eyes and says, “Mollie, if these really worked, they’d be sold everywhere and anywhere.”

But this IS PARIS, and a girl can dream.


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