Friday Favorites: Indulge Yourself

created by polvore ~ featuring La Mer, Oribe, and GiGi New York clutches

created by polvore ~ featuring La Mer, Oribe, and GiGi New York clutches

As a little girl, I loved “the gift sets with purchase” my mom would get from Estee Lauder, and she would always give them to me, I would carefully unzip the little makeup bags and slowly pull out each individually wrapped item. It was a thrill I learned early on and have never tired of.

There was usually a lipstick, sometimes a small navy blue mirror with “Estee Lauder” written in gold on the back, but there was always a face cream. 

She taught me at an early age to NEVER skimp on skincare products, “there are other ways to save money. Your face shouldn’t be the victim of economy.” I’ve only veered away from her advice once in a grand attempt to “be a cool wife” and “try and save money.” I quickly learned I would have to find another way to be cool.

Being a host can be hard work, albeit rewarding, so you should take care of yourself! The VERY BEST moisturizer I have EVER used is Creme de la Mer. It is expensive, but it is WORTH IT. I always rationalize it by thinking about the amount of money I would’ve spent on random things at Target. Get the La Mer instead, you’ll be thankful later. Not only will it improve your skin’s firmness and texture (therefore lines and pores diminish), it lets your foundation go on SO MUCH SMOOTHER!

MAC’s Fix + is a finishing spray you spritz on your face after you’re completely done with EVERYTHING. It sets your makeup and gives you a great glow.

I used to be devoted to Bumble & Bumble’s QUENCH line of hair products… then I tried Oribe, pronounced “or-bay.” (I had to ask! 🙂 ) It’s transformative. Named for its creator, Oribe Canales, it is a relatively new product line compared to Oribe’s mark on the history of hair. He is quite a master: The Oribe Story.

And now that I can’t carry a purse or shoulder bag for six months, and I’m not supposed to be lifting anything heavier than a shoe, my GiGi New York clutch is my go-to EVERYDAY. I love it.

Planning parties, sending invitations, preparing the home, and making dinners are all time consuming and tiring~ so don’t get so busy serving others that you completely neglect yourself. Take care of yourself and indulge.  There are other ways to “be cool” and save money.

So, during my 6 weeks of recovery, I’ll be moisturizing, conditioning, and walking around the house with my clutch!





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