Friday Favorites: magazines

My favorite magazines

My favorite magazines

I love magazines.

I think a magazine subscription is one of the best gifts to get and give! (Just remember to actually pay for the subscription. One of my best friend’s ex-boyfriends “gave” her mom a  subscription to O Magazine— except he never actually paid for it! Every month her mom said to him, “I guess this month’s issue got lost again, huh?”)

When I went to Europe in June, I brought magazines home to Amanda and when she came back from the Hamptons, she had a bag full of publications for me. It was like Christmas! We know each other well. During our families’ joint beach vacations, we used to plan ahead who was bringing which magazine, so we wouldn’t have repeats. We would sit by the Summerhouse pool with magazines and pens~ making notes (usually of funny things) in the magazines,  and then we would trade and LAUGH!

The Hamptons - a monthly publication

The Hamptons – a monthly publication

Some of my best ideas come from magazines. Even though I love Pinterest, there’s nothing like pulling out a magazine picture to keep for inspiration. I think it’s because you can hold it in your hand. It makes it more real- more attainable.

So, what are your favorite magazines? Is there one you devour every month and can’t bear to throw away? (Maybe that’s just me! Matt has asked a few times why I’m keeping old magazines—“I may need something in it one day.” He just shakes his head…)

When Town & Country comes, I immediately read it from cover to cover; the same goes for Vanity Fair. I was devoted to Dominick Dunne’s articles every month.

I also love House Beautiful, Garden & Gun, and Veranda. My two new favorites are Porter and Tattler.

They aren’t just for the ladies; Matt loves his Esquire and GQ.

No matter the season, or how I’m feeling, a magazine always make the day better. So, if something in your house feels bland or stale, or if you are looking for a new idea for your next party— open a magazine. Even if it’s months or years old. There will always be an idea or two captured in those glossy, alluring pages. And sometimes all we need is an idea.









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