Friday Favorites: Make Your Dorm Room a Home

Making your dorm room a home.

Making your dorm room a home.

Some of my favorite students ever are graduating next week and beginning college life. For most of them, this new chapter will involve a dorm or apartment (and most importantly, it will involve decorating it! :)). It got me thinking about my freshman dorm. For two months, I lived with a vampire; and this was in 2001 before vampires looked like Rob Pattinson.

She decorated her side of the room with fake cobwebs from which plastic spiders dangled, and a 6ft tall styrofoam cutout of Dracula. A small, black coffin adorned her dresser holding her removable fangs. I could write a whole paragraph about her “beauty” routine which involved dyeing her hair a new color (like green or purple) every other day. One night she even ripped down the “Bid Day” Sorority decorations from our door and proceeded to call me “the blonde bimbo” to her friend. I pretended to be asleep. Needless to say, our dorm room was a study in contrasts.

I was, and still am, SO THANKFUL that two months into my real life vampire diary, the Lord sent a sweet, beautiful, blonde Tri-Delt to my door, looking for a new roommate. Miraculously, Bram Stoker agreed to move out, and Jaclyn moved in. Finally, my dorm room felt like home.

My dorm room comforter... light, soft, and inviting.

My dorm room comforter that I still have… it’s light, soft, and inviting.

You need to make your dorm room FEEL like home, because no matter how much fun college is…. you WILL miss home.

1. Keep your color palette to 2-3 colors and be consistent.  You want your room to be relaxing, but not so plain that it is clinical. In my opinion, too many colors in such a small space can be overwhelming.

2.  Splurge on a high quality, soft comforter (or “bedspread”). I still have, and use, my Ralph Lauren comforter from freshman year. It’s a soft aqua with navy and white flowers and its 300 thread count, sateen finish made my bed so comfortable. This helped because there were MANY nights I wished I was home.

3. “Dress Your Bed”~ Use a bedskirt, Euro Shams, and a “throw”  to cover the generic furniture. You might need to be industrious and use material from a fabric store as your bedskirt because usually dorm beds’ heights are higher in order to provide storage underneath. The space under the bed is GREAT, and the bedskirt can hide the less appealing plastic storage units under your bed! Large shams at the head of your bed and a quilt/throw at the foot make for a pretty picture and serve as a distraction from the ugly furniture.

4. Get fresh flowers frequently. Publix often has great flowers, especially baby’s breath.  $12 will get you 3 bunches~ just pop them in a vase and enjoy. It will do your soul good to have fresh flowers in your room.

5. Monogram it~ I love the idea of vinyl monograms, and/or removable wallpaper, that you can safely stick on your dorm room walls. I’ve included my favorite links below. Also, MONOGRAM your towels. Towels have a tendency to “disappear,” but if your name is on it, it might not.

But, always remember, no matter how chic or beautiful your room is… what matters most is WHO is in it.  I wish you all beautiful rooms filled with Jaclyns.





My favorite sources are:

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