It’s More than a Wreath

Wreaths are an outward sign of an eternal belief

Wreaths are an outward sign of an eternal belief. Visit: HOST and SERVE’s Shop to buy this wreath.

As a little girl in church, I remember struggling with the concept of “eternity.”  I didn’t understand time not having an end. We lived our lives marking beginnings and endings. How could there be “no end” to something? It wasn’t until my mama explained the significance of wedding bands, that “eternity” seemed a little easier to understand.  Circles, rings, wreaths…   they have no beginning and no end.  


Worn by the bride and groom, the husband and wife, they are outward and visible signs of eternal devotion. Rest assured, my love for you will have no end.  Worn on his head, in the form of a laurel wreath by the Greek god Apollo, it was an outward sign of his devotion to his lost love Daphne.  The advent wreath symbolizes our preparation for Christ’s return.

Make sure your wreath is large enough. Dinky wreaths on doors look misplaced.

Make sure your wreath is large enough. Dinky wreaths on doors look misplaced.

No matter the occasion,  the “ring” or “wreath” symbolizes something powerful… it symbolizes something without an end. Rather it be a pledge to love you forever, a belief in Christ who is the beginning and the end,  a continued changing of the seasons, or even a promise of the victory of the eternal spirit over death, the wreath heralds our belief in something greater than ourselves.

I can think of no better symbol to adorn our doors, especially here in the South. We need to grace our homes with the eternal sign of welcome to all those who traverse our threshold. I hope you are inspired by Spring to change your wreath, or perhaps hang a wreath for the first time. Besides being pretty, it can SERVE to remind you of something greater… something eternal.  The wreath is seen, but reminds me of what is unseen.. it is temporary, but reminds me of the eternal.


My wreath is pretty simple for Spring. I started with a grapevine base that has white and cream berries intertwined with some natural green foliage. The result is a 24 inch soft , but showy look.

Please make sure your wreath is large enough. Err on the side of “too big” than “too small.” Dinky wreaths look really bad. (I hope a few people in my neighborhood miraculously see this post. I am sure they are really nice people, but they need help with their wreaths. GET A BIGGER WREATH… you have huge, beautiful, double doors. Your wreath looks like a door knocker.)  I  added a  4 inch, black and white cotton striped ribbon, tied into a classic, two-loop bow. I wanted something simple, with a French feel.  You can  find this wreath on my Etsy shop, HOSTandSERVE,  and I recommend Shy Myrtle for all of your ribbon needs.





A Wreath for All Seasons- change your wreath AT LEAST every season

A Wreath for All Seasons- change your wreath AT LEAST every season. Click HERE to buy this wreath.

Wreath for Pinterest


wreath close up of bow

Make sure you use quality material for your bow. This is an easy feature to switch in and out according to the month or holiday. Of course, wired, 4 inch or larger ribbon works best.



My inspiration sources: James T. Farmer, III All Things Farmer and James Farmer Landscape, Florals, & Interiors




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