It’s Time to Change Your Arrangements

Change your arrangements with the seasons.

Change your arrangements with the seasons.

No winter lasts forever, thank goodness! As philosophical and spiritual of an idea as that could be, it can also remind us to change some of the accents and arrangements in our homes. Remember Elsie de Wolfe’s mantra about SUITABILITY!


I have learned that my taste and style reflects the seasons. When it’s winter time, I am drawn to leopard prints, pinecones, branches, dark greens, and matte finishes. During November, I had a leopard pillow made and recovered a bench in a similar fabric; my centerpieces were filled with pinecones, and rustic branches stood in the corner. I picked out our master bedroom’s bedspread in Spring…  it’s pale blue and white with lots of white pillows in various textures (even sequins!).  Our homes SHOULD reflect the seasons in subtle ways. An easy and inexpensive way to do that is with your tabletop and mantle arrangements.

For my living room coffee table, I switched my heavy, opaque pinecone-filled gold bowl for a crystal footed one. The pinecones were traded for moss covered balls and decorative croquet and pool balls.  I love mixing materials. [Secret… my “moss covered balls” are really moss covered eggs that I got on sale at Pottery Barn after Easter!] This weekend, change something in your home to match the season. It is the season of change, projects, and plans… and it will make you feel better. I know it is working for me.

“She turned to the sunlight and shook her yellow head, and whispered to her neighbor: ‘Winter is dead.'” ~A.A. Milne


Here are a few of my FAVORITE SPRING & SUMMER LOOKS:


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