If you “only” had $1,000…

Million Dollar Decorating Podcast

“If you only had $1,000 to furnish and decorate your empty home,
how would you spend it?” (James Swan, Million Dollar Decorating Podcast)

That is the last question interior designer James Swan asks each guest he interviews on his podcast Million Dollar Decorating.

And I have answered it differently in my head after each podcast episode I’ve listened to!

Everyday my answer changes. 

This is my podcast list. It is such an odd mix, but I love it!

This is my podcast list; very NPR heavy, especially if you scroll down. It is such an odd mix, but I love it!

I love podcasts.

Honestly, I think I would rather listen to them than music most of the time. I blame this predilection on my family. I grew up amongst the greatest of talkers where silence was NOT golden… but repeating the same stories were.

Even if I had heard that particular story before, I still liked listening to the conversation.

It was, and still is, my music.

In June I discovered more conversations that I love listening in on. James Swan’s Million Dollar Decorating, accessible on iTunes, is “the first daily podcast devoted to the worlds of design, decorating and beautiful living and features interviews with the world’s leading designers, decorators, architects and artisans.”

In the last weeks, he devoted many shows to popular design and lifestyle bloggers. I was delighted to hear his conversation with someone I’ve always enjoyed following, Paige Minear of The Pink Clutch blog. Hearing her authenticity during her interview with Mr. Swan made me respect her even more. She discussed her faith, family, and love of patterns. She was as charming as her rooms.

Paige Minear's One Room Challenge | her own den photo cred: The Pink Clutch Blog

Paige Minear’s 2016 One Room Challenge | her home’s den |  photo cred: The Pink Clutch Blog

Some of my other favorite episodes feature:

I am still changing my mind on how I would spend the $1000 to decorate my hypothetically empty home.

I’ve thought that it would be smarter to get plants than fresh flowers (for longevity sake).

I’ve thought about combing through consignment shops and vintage markets for items I could repurpose, or perhaps find an great piece of art to hang on the wall to inspire my creativity for the challenge.

But on most days, I think I would just buy a bed, a fan, and a TV.




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