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In September of 2013, Matt and I bought our very first home together. It was built in 1951, thankfully modernized some since then, and had a “great set of bones.” We were especially grateful to live so close to dear friends like Amanda, the Hagans, and the Terrys; and we were now only 5 miles away from my mama.

I set myself a goal. I wanted to host Matt’s 30th birthday party at the end of October, so we did A LOT of work during our first two months (and that “we” includes a lot of nice people from Home Depot, my mama, the best carpenter in Jacksonville, Frank Gillis, and his childhood friend Joe the painter).

This is what I learned the hard way:

  1. Set realistic goals. You are not going to be able to take down all of your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers, strip them, fill the holes, sand, prime, sand again, paint them with 2-3 coats, and re-hang them all on one Saturday. I tried, cried, and learned.
  2. Be nice to the people helping you. They are frustrated and might not have all that confidence you just gained from the DIY blogs you’ve been reading. If you aren’t nice, they might stop helping with projects. 🙂

3. Live in your home. Don’t be afraid to change something around. Just because you thought you would like the couch in a certain place, doesn’t mean it has to STAY there. Move it, change your mind, re-paint that tangerine wall that you thought would be a good idea.



  1. Love it! I remember painting our kitchen (kitchen #5) red. On coat # 2, I was sitting on the kitchen counters crying as Craig left to play golf. Craig asked, “Whats wrong with you?” I cried, “All this work and it’s running down the walls and looks like —-!”. After coat #5 it looked perfect. The kitchen is still red and could use freshening before you visit us in Tally!

    1. Hey Kakki,
      Thank you! DIY projects always seem so much easier than they turn out being. 🙂 There should be a disclaimer, “You will probably cry while doing this project, but you will love it when you’re finished.” We’d love to visit, and please let me know when you are over in Jacksonville the next time!

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