The Greenbrier’s Julep

Mint Julep at the Greenbrier

Long before Churchill Downs put a julep in the hands of race-watchers and hat-wearers, those  summering at The Greenbrier were sipping on these wonderfully refreshing libations.

Within hours of our arrival today, Matt and I found ourselves sitting in the lobby, under the Gone With the Wind chandelier, toasting to summer and lives well lived.

So, here’s to summer, here’s to history, and here’s to experiences.

Like my mama always said, “Go out there and make ‘rocking chair memories.'” Continue reading

Is it Love or an HGTV Crush?

Cover Blog Pic“I think I need subway tiles and a farm sink in my kitchen.”

“I definitely need some word art.”

“Mid-century modern would look so great in a bedroom. Or maybe a bohemian look with a Moroccan wedding blanket.”

“Ooohh, look at those French cafe chairs.”

The more we see something, the more we think we like it, and the harder it gets to discern what our TRUE loves are… Is the farm kitchen REALLY my style, or do I just like it because I’ve seen it on Fixer Upper? 

How can we tell if we are truly “in love” or just having an “HGTV crush?”

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There is a Place Called Luckenbach

Luckenbach, TexasUnder the canopies of 500 year-old oaks, there is a place where everybody is somebody.

Under the skies of the Lone Star State, there is a place imagined by a dreamer and captured forever in the lines of song.

Under the lights of a dancehall and a full moon, there is a place of legend, a Texas backwoods Camelot.

There is a place called Luckenbach. Continue reading

Oh, to be in London today…

The Duchess at Devonshire

I would go straight to Sotheby’s.

Not to buy, mind you. I haven’t won the Powerball.

But to look and just to be in the same room as the collection. To get a glimpse inside the walls of Chatsworth and the world of Deborah Mitford Cavendish, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire.

Her “treasured mementoes”will be up for auction on March 2nd in London.  Continue reading