Pommade Divine

“’You won’t believe, dear Louise, what a good thing this Pommade Divine is. I am sending you a box, so that you can carry it with you at all times. Another thing this pommade is good for: if you have burned yourself badly with sealing wax and treat it immediately with the pommade, it reduces the pain. I don’t know how one could not like the smell of Pommade Divine…”’ ~Princess Elizabeth Charlotte, 1720, from the Court of King Louis XIV, France

I love beauty products, especially French & British ones (probably because French women are so gorgeous and Hogwarts is there…mostly the Hogwarts thing….)

I’ve written before about their allure and transformative power.  I truly believe that the best makeup artists are secretly… magicians. [I know, I met one in June at Bergdorf Goodman!]  It may sound petty, but feeling pretty can be very powerful.

There are new and improved beauty products becoming available every day, but “there aren’t many beauty products in this world to have survived the French Revolution, several wars (where it was sent to the front as a salve for soldiers) and the decision, back in the early 1980s, by its parent company to ‘kill it off’. However, thanks to the determination of two visionary British women… Pommade Divine has been ‘saved’ for the nation.” And thankfully, thanks to Love LuLu who provides free international shipping, it has been saved for the world.

Nancy Mitford referred to Pommade Divine as her "magic ointment."

Nancy Mitford referred to Pommade Divine as her “magic ointment.”

It has over 12 uses from soothing burns and bruises, acting as a lip balm and skin softener, and has been a staple in English nurseries from Kensington to Chatsworth.

“The greatest praise comes from Caroline Cassels, matron at King Edward VII’s Hospital in London, who declares: ‘Pommade Divine is magic! In my work I often bump and bruise myself, but rub on the magic balm, and the mark just seems to go, leaving no scar. I wouldn’t be without it.’”

For a little under $27 USD, you can have this magic balm in the mail from Britain and as Princess Charlotte advised “carry it with you at all times.”


P.S.- I know a lot of people just write about something new, but then I never know if they STILL love it after a few months. In August of 2014, I wrote about Charlotte Tilbury…  and I still LOVE her makeup.  Since then, it is the only foundation, eye shadow, morning moisturizer, finishing powder, eye-liner, etc. that I have used.  It continues to stand the test of time, and the continued onslaught of “new and improved” products.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-3144826/Pommade-Divine-300-year-old-beauty-secret-rescued-brought-life.html#ixzz3f2OrgdPz

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