Seeing Potential in Problems

from blue to white

Problems move us (even First World Problems!)

We decide in which direction.

During the evolution of our master bedroom, my Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue painted vanity and mirror now looked really out of place.  (When Matt and I got married, I painted everything this color… even our first “hand-me-down” dining room table… and a china cabinet… and a coffee table… I would have painted more, but I ran out and realized it was probably a sign I had gone overboard.)

“I think it goes… the drapes have blue in them… the vanity is blue… it goes,” said Matt.
“It’s not the same blue and it’s not the same style AT ALL,” I replied (probably with an eyeroll thrown in).
“Does this mean we have to buy a new vanity?”

I am thankful that God uses little metaphors and analogies to teach us bigger lessons. I know that this “problem” was minute… nothing in the grand scheme of life.

But, it was something that confronted me every morning and it taught me a few things:

1. Refuse to just live with a problem. Don’t just sit around pointing at it, writing statuses about the downfall of America, and complaining about our leaders.

2. Look for potential in it… I remembered what design hero Bunny Williams once said about the transformative power of white paint on furniture. (Bunny Williams’s Advice)

3. Be patient, make a plan, and do something about it. 

So, I got out my paint brushes, bought a can of Old White and painted over the problem. I found a gold mirror for $40 at a local second-hand “antiques” store and bought some fabulous pink toile fabric from Agnes Agatha in Jacksonville.

The final product and transformed vanity.

The final product and transformed vanity.

In an afternoon… I painted away my problem and I feel better because I was reminded again about how important problems are in our lives. We would be weak shells of ourselves without them.

Even though we may only see obstacles, bad decisions, and illogical outcomes, God sees something much bigger.  And He is hoping we react with grace, patience, and love.

He is hoping we see something much bigger than the problem.



Acrylic trays are great tabletop organizers.

Acrylic trays are great tabletop organizers.

Vanity 2

Frames from Z. Gallerie add a touch of glamour to the vanity.

Frames from Z. Gallerie add a touch of glamour to the vanity.

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