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The Peony Does NOT Have to be Your Favorite Flower

in the rose garden at Hampton Court Palace, England

In the rose garden at Hampton Court Palace, England

For some reason, it seems like EVERY blogger, stylist, and wedding planner is OBSESSED with peonies. Are they getting paid by a secret society of peony pushers? Have they brainwashed all of us into thinking that only the peony is “pretty?”

I admit; I fell for it for a moment this year. I voraciously googled how to grow peonies in Florida and even thought, “Maybe I could grow them in my refrigerator…”

It took traveling to England to remind me of my first flower love, and in my opinion the queen of the flower kingdom, the English Garden Rose.

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Friday Favorite: Airbnb


My “Friday Favorite” is the travel app and website “Airbnb.” It’s a way for “hosts” to rent their homes, apartments, flats, etc. to traveling guests and it’s fantastic. We are using it for our European trip and are LOVING having a flat in Notting Hill all to ourselves.

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