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[our home] The Front Door

Makeover your front door. It's the first thing that greets your guests.

Makeover your front door. It’s the first thing that greets your guests.

Emerson said, “Be an opener of doors.” The most important door a host opens is his or her own. One of the first things I wanted to change in our new home was our door. It’s the first thing a guest sees and I wanted its exterior to represent our interior; classic, a touch of whimsy and glamour, and a sense of history.  Continue reading

our first home: finishing the kitchen

Ginger Jar

I don’t want to work in a busy brown kitchen.

Before, our kitchen was brown… a busy brown. The only thing I liked was that the cabinets, at one time, were white. They were now “patinaed” to a yellowed cream.  As mentioned, I “pinned” a lot of kitchen ideas and knew the components I wanted to incorporate into my style.. my “adjectives” were: farmhouse, clean, comfortable, and glam. I tried to keep the last adjective a secret from my husband Matt. I knew I couldn’t adequately explain how “glam” fit into the kitchen vision. Continue reading