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An Attractive Couple & Goblet Pleats


Master Bedroom

There is nothing quite so beautiful as a glamorous couple.

Seeing the cut of a well-made suit, or the look of a blue and white stripe of a man’s shirt  next to an alluring woman dressed in femininity and confidence is an attractive scene. There’s a chemistry created between the two contrasting powers. It can be electric and seducing. Continue reading

[DIY] Chair Makeover

Makeover an old chair by reupholstering it. It's easier than it looks. [DIY]

Makeover an old chair by reupholstering it. It’s easier than it looks. [DIY]

I knew I always liked Queen Elizabeth I. She brought stability to the kingdom, drama to the stage, and stuffing to chairs. That’s right, the first signs of comfort in chairs came during her reign, creating one of London’s oldest guilds, The Upholsterers’ Company.  Just think, those upholsterers didn’t even have a staple gun!  Continue reading