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Throwing a Party

Keep some elements consistent, but vary your heights.

Keep some elements consistent, but vary your heights.

I had the privilege of styling a party for someone that is not related to me! It was quite an honor to be asked by a family that I not only love, but that I hold in high esteem.  Ms. Holly and my girlfriend Heidi are a mother-daughter team that are not only smart, but beautiful.  I wanted to make sure their event, Ethan and Lindsay’s Rehearsal Dinner, was exactly what they envisioned.  Continue reading

Cocktail of the Month: Bacon Old Fashioned

Bacon Old Fashioned

“It’s tastes like breakfast in your mouth.” That’s what my husband said, eyes alight, after his first sip of a Bacon Old Fashioned. We were in Nashville at The Patterson House; a high styled speakeasy evoking a blend of tones from Gatsby to Capone. The experience and the drinks were delicious. Continue reading

let’s plan a party

I continued using bales of hay throughout; here I draped it with an IKEA plaid throw to make a sitting area near a drink station.

Create areas for your guests to gather, complete with food and drinks. 

Tomorrow is not only Monday,  but my first day back to work after 17 glorious days of Christmas vacation. Thinking about Mondays, much less preparing for them, can be depressing. So, instead, let’s think about planning a party! Continue reading