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Friday Favorites: magazines

My favorite magazines

My favorite magazines

I love magazines.

I think a magazine subscription is one of the best gifts to get and give! (Just remember to actually pay for the subscription. One of my best friend’s ex-boyfriends “gave” her mom a  subscription to O Magazine— except he never actually paid for it! Every month her mom said to him, “I guess this month’s issue got lost again, huh?”) Continue reading

our first home: turning inspiration into a reality in the dining room

Just because a room is currently a family room, doesn’t mean it can’t be something else! The room that is currently our dining room was the previous owner’s living room. But their layout, which had their dining room at the front of the house,  didn’t fit our needs or my Mt. Vernon vision.

George and Martha’s front door didn’t open into their dining room and I  just couldn’t escape my colonial inspiration.  Continue reading