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Friday Favorite: a well lit place

Beautifully curated and well lit room.

A beautifully curated and well lit room. ~from Heirloom & Knot

I just finished reading Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. Besides being quite funny, the book is surprisingly introspective. She reflects on her choices in life, the good ones and the bad ones, and questions a lot of the choices our society is currently making.

I especially loved her chapter called “The Robots Will Kill Us All,” which points out the way technology, specifically our phones, is completely changing us.

It made me think.

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our first home: kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinet after

The finished product.

One of the most important rooms for a host is the kitchen.

I wish my “before” pictures were clearer, but there is a lot I wish were different about the process of this project. This was the first project we tackled at our new home, and it was the hardest. Well, maybe that fan we installed in the living room was just as hard. I know I cried during both projects, and Matt asked, “Should we just hire someone?”

It would not be the only time he was to ask me that question.

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