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Perspective in Design and Life

In design, perspective can create depth. The same is true about life. The depth of a matter cannot be fully appreciated and measured until you see things from different points of view. Continue reading

Friday Favorite: 2014 Art & Antiques Show


December 5th through the 7th in Jacksonville, Florida

Late last November I got an email from a friend that said she had extra tickets to the  Art & Antiques Show lectures. “Would you want to go? Miles Redd will be there on Friday, and Bunny Williams, James Farmer, and Danielle Rollins will be speaking on Saturday.”

What? YES!  Bunny Williams is going to be in Jacksonville? Miles Redd is coming? What is this wonderful event and why hadn’t I heard about it?

I was so excited and responded with a big “YES AND THANK YOU” before I even looked at the dates and times of the event. In that moment, nothing else mattered because I was going to hear Bunny Williams discuss her life and decorating style, and give advice.

Continue reading

Friday Favorites: Faux Flowers and Foo Dogs

Two of my favorite things are faux flowers and foo dogs. What are yours?

Two of my favorite things are faux flowers and foo dogs. What are yours?

Somewhere I read that a woman said she’d rather have roses on her table than diamonds around her neck. I’d definitely rather have the diamonds around my neck (and preferably a neck that had both vertebral arteries working, but that’s another prayer.) 🙂 However, flowers are still one of my favorite things… flowers and stories.  Continue reading