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“She had heard someone say something about an Independent Labour Party, and was furious that she had not been asked.”
~Evelyn Waugh

invitation tip 1Even though Evelyn Waugh’s ‘bright young thing’ was quite mistaken, she wasn’t wrong about the power of a party.  The party starts long before the party actually starts…  it really starts with the invitation. I love getting invitations; they are a little preview of the tone and direction of the party. Before you design your invitation, you need to pick a direction & style for your occasion. For example, I recently made invitations for one of my girlfriend’s baby shower and the host gave me a few pictures and words to point me in the right direction. The party was going to reflect the style of   the nursery; blue and white ticking, bird dogs, with a touch of a woodland feel.

Here is the style board for Danielle’s baby shower:

Come up with some words and images to describe your occasion's style and create a style board.

Come up with some words and images to describe your occasion’s style and create a styleboard.

And here are the invitations I created for the special occasion.

Bird Dog Baby Shower Invite
Everything starts with a little inspiration! So get inspired, plan a party, and design an invitation.
But, if you’re too busy to design them yourself, you can always hire me! <3



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